Our International Work

In a globalised world, many events seeming to be far away actually have a direct effect on our every-day-life. We are convinced that only through exchange and networking with liberal people from all over the world, we can speak with a strong voice and be heard. This is why international cooperation has been close to our heart for years and is an essential part of our political engagement. We focus on three issues:

  • Cooperation within our multinational umbrella organisations
  • Bilateral exchange with partners all over the world
  • Internal education opportunities for our members

In our international umbrella organisations LYMEC and IFLRY we are meeting up with partner organisations from Europe and the world. Together, we decide on our foreign policy approaches. Both LYMEC and IFLRY serve as the voice of the liberal, political youth. The bilateral exchange with our partners worldwide gives us the opportunity to get to know individual actors, content-related issues and motivations for political engagement in different countries. And finally, multiple seminars offered to our members offer a wide range of possibilities to learn more about international politics and liberalism in the whole world.